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Friday, August 29, 2008

James Cholmeley Russell

Read the biography of James Cholmeley Russell at http://jamescholmeleyrussell.blogspot.com/, a key and controversial figure in the development and life of the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Company that later became the Welsh Highland Railway. The original article was published in the Welsh Highland Heritage Society Journal but new material on his life is gradually emerging.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hornby Dublo Catalogue

Hornby Dublo Catalogue , originally uploaded by Boxbrownie3.

Introductory page from 1950s Hornby Dublo model railway catalogue showing controller, couplings and electric signals and points. Note the very non PC smoking father!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hornby Dublo Book of Trains

Hornby Dublo Book of Trains, originally uploaded by Boxbrownie3.

Brilliant combination of the art of the photographer and the skill of the studio artist

Produced in 1959 for the launch of the Hornby Dublo 2 rail model railway range, some of it based on the old 3 rail range but many new products particularly the plastic injection moulded SD range of railway wagons

Hornby Dublo 1950s catalogue

Hornby Dublo 1950s catalogue, originally uploaded by Boxbrownie3.

The Classic 3 rail Hornby Dublo model railway multi folded catalogue leaflet. Duchess of Montrose at the head of "blood and custard" tin plate coaches about to leave the wonderful die cast Hornby Dublo station buildings. Passengers are those handpainted lead figures that are now so collectible.

Hornby Dublo Accessories

Hornby Dublo Accessories, originally uploaded by Boxbrownie3.

Do we have all these?

Hornby Dublo advertisement 1938

Thrilling news!

Tri-ang Railways 1963 Cuneo Cover

Cuneo was Tri-ang 's favourite artist for a while in the 60s. And did stuff for Gamages Toy Catalogue as well! Great picture with lots of allegorical overtones - the old and the new, the changeover, late 20th century technology versus early 20th century technology, romance versus modern technology, the triumph of man over the elements - Brunel died very shortly after the bridge opened etc...And where is Cuneos's mouse?

And who owns the original of this great picture now?

And all for a toy/model railway catalogue!

Clifton Rocks Railway - funicular

What it used to be like - catch a tram along the Avon Gorge and then catch the Clifton Rocks Railway and have tea in the Grand Spa (now Avon Gorge Hotel)

Clifton Rocks Railway

Just added link to Clifton Rocks Railway restoration project. Richard Webster and I jokingly discussed this in the 1980s - now it might happen!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Steam Index

I've just added a new link for Steam Index which is a fantastic resource for any one interested in steam locomotive history and railways - it has bibliography, magazines, abstracts, patents, indexes, patents and biography.

All it seems by one man Kevin Jones - born at about the same time as the A4 Pacifics!

Wolverhampton Steam Shed 1967

Where are they all now? Fanatastic group of guys taken by Nick Hedges. More on Flickr at BoxBrownie 3

Fireman shovelling coal, Wolverhampton 1967

Part of a series taken by the wonderful photographer Nick Hedges of the last days of steam at Wolverhampton Shed

Swindon A Workshop

Swindon A Workshop, originally uploaded by Boxbrownie3.

Taken on a comprehensive private trip around Swindon in the 1950s

7301 and 58100 Bromsgrove Lickey Incline

A Jinty and Big Bertha!

LNER Garratt

LNER Garratt, originally uploaded by Boxbrownie3.

The Beyer Garratt that no one liked - tried as an experiment for banking on the Lickey Incline. Pannier Tanks, Jinties and the ubiquitous Riddles' 9Fs eventually won

Big Bertha 2290 when new

Big Bertha 2290 when new, originally uploaded by Boxbrownie3.

Fresh from Derby Works

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pictures of the Lickey Incline

Super power - Big Bertha as Midland Railway 2290 banks train away from Bromsgrove
Copyright unknown

Deeley 4-4-0 2P at Blackwell
Copyright unknown

Midland Single tops the Incline piloting a 2P in early part of the 20th century
Copyright not known