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Friday, August 10, 2007

New Lickey Incline site

lickeyincline.co.uk is devoted to the history and heritage of railways and model trains and model railways in Britain and elsewhere but mainly the UK.. It is for investigating the history, heritage and future of Britain's railways and also seeing how they have been created in models. Lickey Incline is about the great days of steam both in Britain and abroad and the great names in model trains. If you have information or comment please get in touch. Send E.mail to (lickeyenquiries@lickeyincline.co.uk)

There is a wealth of information here at lickeyincline.co.uk concerning model railways and the great firms behind model railways such as Bassett-Lowke, Hornby, Triang and G&R Wrenn.The site features a history of model rail from the Birmingham dribbler to the heyday of model rail in the 1960s and 1970s.Great Britain has a great number of preserved railways and other historic rail sites ranging from working lines to rolling stock and locomitives in various stages of restoration and we list some UK preserved